How Kayla Got Her Groove/Bike Back

There’s a lot of dismembered bikes around New York. Wheels, handlebars, stray spokes, all strewn across the sidewalk, some bits still partially attached to the faulty lock or chain that was meant to ensure security. I don’t have a bike myself, but I’ve had a few friends who’ve lost a 10-speed friend, and they liken it to losing your phone (although usually more expensive to replace). You know the feeling.

But Kayla Smith had the uncanny luck of being able to outsmart the thief that thieved her bike (and its heavy-duty lock) when she found a suspiciously similar ride for sale on Craigslist for $300. Smith knew she could pick her $1,000 bike out from a line-up, no question — she’d added custom features, special breaks and stickers on the frame that made its identity a dead giveaway.

They met at a McDonald’s and Smith asked a friend to hang close in a car while she surveyed the situation. The minute she saw the bike, she knew it was hers and sneakily asked the thief if she could give it a test ride around the parking lot. “Yeah,” he hesitated, “but don’t take off.”

SORRY, SUCKAAAA! was basically how Smith responded (in not so many words).

Soon enough, they were off into the sunset. Once home safely, Smith tried to alert the cops of her situation, noticing that the same guy was attempting to sell a few other bikes and iPhones as well. #goodsamaritan The cops have yet to make an arrest, but the word’s on the street and the law is on the lookout. (FYI, they also recommend that anyone in a similar situation call the police first because, while successful, what Smith did wasn’t exactly safe.)

Don’t you just love a happy ending?

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