JoJo Siwa Asked Kylie Prew to Be Her Girlfriend in the Most *Extra* Way Ever

She said she did "like 10 run-throughs" to get the nerves out!

You’re probably not shocked to hear JoJo Siwa asked Kylie Prew to be her girlfriend in an extra way. However, when you hear just how extravagant Siwa’s ask was, it’ll be hard not to let out an audible, “awwww.”

Siwa and Prew appeared on the August 21st episode of Siwa’s mom’s podcast, Success With Jess, and spilled all the beans about how their relationship began, and according to the Siwa, it was with a bang.

“I had a whole musical number,” Siwa explains on the podcast. “It had word choreography, like choreography that coordinated to music, and it went into a song after the word choreography. It was magical.”

While Siwa is a performer, apparently, this one didn’t come easy for her. She goes on about the moment saying she had to do like 10 run-throughs due to her nerves.

Siwa, however, wasn’t the first to ask. That was all Prew. Before the performer told her story of asking Prew to be her girlfriend, the pair shared that Prew asked first after she flew out to California to see Siwa.

“You ended up flying out to California just to come be with me, and that’s when she asked me to be her girlfriend,” Siwa explains. “On January 8, 2021. Best day ever.”

Then, the pair decided it was Siwa’s turn, and said musical number ensued.

But the podcast wasn’t just about how the pair became official. Both Prew and Siwa shared their coming-out stories, and Siwa offered advice to kids looking to come out to their own parents.

“To the kids, just go with it, and if someone exits your life because of your happiness, then they’re not meant to be in your life,” she said. “And that’s really hard if it’s a parent or someone that you love, but it’s your life.”

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