How Jamie Carrillo Finally Faced Her Abuser

Jamie Carrillo is an amazing human being. Why? Well, she had the guts to stand up for herself after being molested by a female basketball coach, and helped prevent future students from suffering the same horrific fate. By videotaping her phone conversation with the woman who allegedly started abusing her 16 years earlier, Jamie, now 28, forced her into resigning from her recent position as an administrator.

By uploading the video, which identified the California educator as Ms. Andrea Cardosa, Jamie gained viral attention that helped the investigation move pretty quickly. The video earned more than 480,000 hits shortly after it was posted, and was brought to the attention of the Alhambra Unified School District, where Ms. Cardosa was currently working as an assistant principal. Police were soon notified after the video viewed, and Ms. Cardosa immediately resigned from her position.

Jamie alleges that the abuse took place over several years in Riverside, East of Los Angeles, at Chemawa Middle School. In the video, she angrily lets her former teacher know that she “ruined her childhood.” Ms. Cardosa verbally admits that she regrets her actions, and that she wanted to help Jamie. “That wasn’t anything that I intended. I don’t even know what happened,” Cardosa said. Throughout the call, she fails to deny that the sexual abuse had taken place. While the original video has since been taken off of the internet, others have re-posted it to spread the message that Jamie deserves justice.

Jamie stated that it started with the coach kissing her in the locker room, and progressed to the point where the coach was taking her on out-of-town trips to have sex with her. It all started after Cardosa claimed that she’d take Jamie under her “wing”, while Jamie was merely looking for a friend.

“The abuse went on for years,” Jamie said. “She manipulated me. She brainwashed me into thinking that I wanted some sort of relationship when I didn’t.” Jamie stated that she felt better after the video was released.

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