‘How I Met Your Mother’ starring toddlers is legen — WAIT FOR IT — dary

Want to take something old and make it new again? Just add toddlers! Or so the geniuses behind this promo for How I Met Your Mother thought — and, boy, were they right!

In honor of the long running sitcom beginning a new life on British entertainment channel Romedy, some highly creative people reimagined the show…with toddlers. Meet hopeless romantic toddler Ted Mosby, his tuxedo-clad toddler bro Barney, the fluffy-haired brunette love of his life, toddler Robin, and the toddler couple everyone loves, Lily and Marshall. They all hang out at toddler-sized MacLaren’s where they have pretend tea-parties around their toddler-sized booth (well table really, but play along).

Someone needs to reenact the entire series with toddlers, stat! Surely we’d be less disappointed if the exact same ending happened but with toddlers? Although it is difficult to imagine what they’d do to cast the kids who listen to Ted’s whole story slash preamble to asking for permission to date (spoiler alert!) their Aunt Robin. Peanuts, pea pods, baby carrots?

Any way you slice it, all these characters reach entirely new levels of adorableness when they’re 3. Let’s get this prequel green lit!

(Image via Youtube)