There’s *another* “How I Met Your Mother” reboot in the works, because maybe third time’s the charm

Cross your fingers. Say those prayers. How I Met Your Mother may get a spinoff. Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard this before. Twice. But this time we’re hoping it actually pans out. A third attempt at a How I Met Your Mother spinoff is in the works, and we’re hoping we don’t have to…wait for it…much longer.

How I Met Your Mother ended only a few years ago, but we’ve been anticipating a spinoff since before the original went off the air.

But the stars didn’t align, and someone forgot to steal the blue French horn.

Earlier this year, we got all excited when we heard that two This Is Us writers were working on a spinoff called How I Met Your Dad. But This Is Us got super popular (because it’s awesome), and the writers got promoted, leaving less time for them to work on the HIMYM spinoff. And yet again, we were left with no spinoff.


But Fox chairman Dana Walden recently told Deadline that the network is still working on an HIMYM spinoff. And this time, they’re “starting from scratch.” Currently the search is on for the right writer, and she also said they’re making sure the idea is right:

“It’s one that’s been slowly cooked. If it’s the right idea, the right execution, we’ll take that.

That sounds promising! We don’t want to get our hopes up considering we’ve gotten excited before, but it does seem like they’re committed to (eventually) making this spinoff happen and we are ready. It’s gonna be legend…