How to use Google’s Grasshopper app, which teaches adults to code

If you know how to code, the world of technology is your oyster. But learning the ins and outs of coding is a lot easier said than done. Luckily, Google has made learning to code less daunting with Grasshopper, a new mobile game that aims to teach adults how to code.

Grasshopper has been in its testing phase for some time now, and five thousand users have already graduated from Grasshopper’s JavaScript Fundamentals course, according to But as of Wednesday, April 17th, all iPhone and Android users now have access to Google’s Grasshopper. Look for “Grasshopper by Area 120” in the App Store or Google Play store if you’re interested in downloading.

Now that we all have Grasshopper at our finger tips, how do we begin to crack the code of coding? We decided to give the app a test run.

All you need to get going on Grasshopper is your Google account information. Once you’ve signed in, you’re ready to code. The app itself has a simple design that makes it feel like a kids’ game, which is kind of comforting tbh. You can let the app know if you’re totally new to coding or if you have experience.

Grasshopper starts you off at the ground level, defining what coding is and how it is used in our devices. It will then alert you that it will be teaching you JavaScript.


You’re then put through a series of quizzes to make sure you understand what coding actually is. If you pass this first round of quizzes, you can move on to the next course, which is a series of coding-related puzzles.

The first code you’ll have to complete is one that draws out the French flag.


You’ll continue to complete rounds of coding puzzles and quizzes, which get more difficult as you advance further, until your understanding of JavaScript improves.

Grasshopper will also ask you how many times you’d like to practice per week. The app recommends practicing daily, but you can sign up to be reminded to practice every other day or twice per week.


Overall, the app is really simple to use and is a fun way to learn the basics of coding. If you’re interested in learning more about how to code and/or use JavaScript, Grasshopper is the way to go.

Good luck, and get hopping.

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