Here’s how this ‘Game of Thrones’ star thinks the show (and series) will end

Game of Thrones can only end one way. What’s that ending even going to be? WHO KNOWS! We’re still a little preoccupied trying to figure if Jon Snow is going to come back from the dead or not (today’s guess… uh, sure?). While the big ending of the show is at least another season away (probably more like two seasons away), speculation has already begun. And one Game of Thrones star has a pretty good idea how it’ll all conclude, and we like his thinking.

Finn Jones, who plays Margaery’s brother Loras Tyrell and who at last look was set to stand trial before the gods in King’s Landing, has been brainstorming ending ideas. At this weekend’s New York Comic Con, he shared his theory during the Game of Thrones panel. With all the other far-fetched and crazy scenarios we’ve seen before on the show, his isn’t actually the craziest and all has to do with the title of George R. R. Martin’s saga, A Song of Ice and Fire. That’s the key.

“Basically I think there will be a big battle between Ice and Fire,” Jones explained to the crowd at NYCC. “My theory is they’re going to have to dissolve the Iron Throne to defeat the White Walkers … and then I think out of the ashes will come the tree people, they’ll grow [out the new world].”

OK. That actually makes sense. There’s all this talk about sitting on the Iron Throne, and ruling with the Iron Throne, but never thought the Iron Throne could actually be used as a weapon. It’s forged from the swords of former enemies. So it’s totally ready for battle. But does it have any sort of Valyrian steel with which to actually defeat the White Walkers? Plot point for Season 6, anyone?

Jones also has a feeling about just who will still be around to see the end of Game of Thrones: Bran, Hodor, and Tyrion. But who’s going to be in charge?

“Knowing Game of Thrones, it’ll be Littlefinger on the throne and there will be no help,” the actor states.

Oh, that’s a reassuring idea. Let’s hope that some of Jones’ idea comes true, but maybe not all of them. Then again, Game of Thrones does like to surprise us about every 15 seconds.

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