How early should I book a hair and makeup test for my wedding? We asked a cosmetics expert

It’s wedding season, which means even if you are not getting married this year, the thought of a wedding or an elopement is certainly on your mind. Whether your wedding is coming up in the future or you’re just interested in anything and everything related to weddings, one important factor you have to think about is your hair and makeup.

Choosing your makeup palette and scouring Pinterest for hairstyles are some of the most fun parts of your wedding prep, but there comes a time when you have to be methodical and intentional about your plans.

You’re probably wondering how far in advance you should book your hair and makeup test for your wedding.

To save you a few hours of googling, we chatted with Melodie Reynolds, founder of superstar makeup brand Elate Clean Cosmetics. She’s been working in the wedding circuit for years, so she has extensive knowledge about all your hair and makeup needs for your big day. Here’s what she has to say.

"Anywhere from 1-3 months in advance is good timing," advises Reynolds. "If you are not happy with your trial this still gives you time to book."

This of course will depend on how busy your makeup artist is, which is why it’s best to schedule the test as far in advance as possible, Reynolds says. You might be surprised at how quickly artists’ calendars fill up.

If you plan to use false lashes for your wedding day, Reynolds highly suggests you try them on in your trial. “They can feel funny the first time you wear them,” she tells HG.

Here are a few other pieces of advice Reynolds offers when it comes to your makeup and hair test.

“Purchase the lipstick the artist used,” she suggests. “That way you will have it to reapply.”

Make sure you don’t make any skin care changes at least two months in advance to prevent breakouts, don’t wax a few days before the test to make sure your skin isn’t irritated, and find out in advance what type of products your artist is planning to use.

"Keep in mind your go-to stylist may not be an expert in the style you want," Reynolds tells HG.

“Be open to using someone they recommend if they can’t achieve the exact look you want,” she continues.

Before you even book your wedding makeup and hair test, though, make sure you have a solid idea of what look you want on your special day. Comb through Pinterest, gather some of your favorite styles, and get a few visuals that you can share with your artist.

Above all, Reynolds says you should aim for a wedding look that represents you the best.

“The whole point of having your makeup and hair professionally done is so you feel pampered on your special day, and so the photos are fabulous,” she tells HG. “It does not mean you should not look like yourself.”

Brands like Elate Clean Cosmetics offer you a wide range of makeup that will help you achieve the perfect combination of glam and natural. Their cosmetics are all-natural, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free—all things that you’d be happy to accompany you on your wedding day.

"Relax," says Reynolds. "Your day will be so lovely if you take a breath, eat a good breakfast, and enjoy!"

Sounds like a pretty good day to us.

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