This Is How Each Zodiac Sign Kiss, According to an Astrologer

This fire sign likes passion, whereas this water sign likes long kisses.

International Kissing Day is July 6th, which means that it’s a time to celebrate and honor the tender way we express love. This is a moment when we honor our partnerships, romances, relationships, and crushes—because feeling love and intimacy is the best heartfelt rush of all. 

When we talk about kissing, it can make everyone blush—all the more reason why we should openly discuss the sentimentality and passion that it brings to our lives. Embracing the taboo and things that we cannot talk about are important—especially the action that unites us with our one and only crush/boo. 

From passionate lip-locking to butterfly kisses, we all express affections and kisses in our own way. Everyone kisses differently, as do all zodiac signs. Therefore, It’s important to understand and know how each sun sign, including yours, kisses. That way you’ll be prepared to kiss another the way you and they like.


Being the most passionate and fiery sign of the zodiac means that anyone can expect extra velocity and energy when kissing an Aries. They will have more than enough gusto to make out all night, making their partner yearn for more lip-smacking action as time goes by.


Taurus is known for their sensual desires, which is why they indulge in giving kisses that feel as though they’re connecting with their boo on a deep and soulful level. Their kisses will unite them with their lover, allowing them to feel their touch and breath with every tender kiss.


When kissing a Gemini, you can expect memorable moments, consumed with luscious touches because they’re using their best asset—their lips. Gemini will find ways to spark a flirty moment with their boo, by speaking a few sweet words between their lip-smacking make-out moments with their partner.


Cancers like long kisses that make them feel as though they are living in a fairy tale. Their “happily ever” kiss will be sweeping, romantic, long, and deep. It’ll go on for minutes, followed by a sweeping dip and cuddle sesh with their one and only who they are kissing.


Leos love to put on a show, which is why they’ll do the same when lip-smacking. And, they will make it all about their needs, not others. So, let them give you passionate and theatrical kisses that are worthy of applause and praise when making out with them.


A kiss from a Virgo will be ideal, as they are gentle and tender with a lot of earthy soul and vitality. Just make sure you pop a breath mint before making out with your Virgo boo, as they would prefer a perfect moment with a minty fresh vibe.


As long as you are giving your Libra partner the same amount of kisses they’re giving to you, then they will feel golden and loved when making out with them. They’ll also like playful laughs and smiles when smooching, which Libras will see as a way to strengthen the relationship.


Scorpios are intense and emotional lovers, and their kissing style is no different. They will give all of their time and energy to their sensual kisses ensuring that their partner is completely and totally fulfilled. After all, Scorpios want to be the only person in the world that you desire.


Expect the unexpected when making out with a Sagittarius. The adventurous zodiac sign will kiss their partner in random places, also always mixing up their style to keep their boo guessing what is next. It will be fun, exciting, and thrilling all at the same time. So enjoy their kisses!


We all know Capricorns have a strong work ethic, and that sentiment applies to kissing, too. In fact, they’ll give all their energy to making out with their special person and perfecting the ideal kiss. They will give lots of deep and sensual kisses that make their partner want more.


Aquarians aren’t necessarily known for their affectionate nature, but that doesn’t mean they don’t bump and grind in the dark. They’ll spend more time looking and listening to the reactions of their lovers when kissing than the delicate pecks they give. However, they give lots of butterfly and air kisses.


Pisces are tender lovers, which is why their trout pouts will give a lot of lip and TLC when they kiss others. They’ll spend extra time sucking or biting the lips of their boo while coyly looking in their eyes. Extra points if there is a romantic ambiance in the background.