How do you write a Drake song? This breakdown is hilarious

We have it on good authority that this is the key to how Drake writes all of his songs. Well, actually there are several keys, and they’re all contained within this hilarious YouTube video that dissects Drizzy’s presumed songwriting method.

A few years back, Drake revealed his songwriting process in a documentary titled Better Than Good Enough. From that, we learned that instead of using a pen and pad to jot down his lyrics, the self-proclaimed “6 God” uses a smartphone, but this internet tutorial delves a little bit deeper. So much in fact, that we could probably sit down and write a Drake song after watching.

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Just kidding, Drake! We’re totally not out to bite your style. Besides, we understand it takes a ton of practice to get this smooth with the pen.

That said, what YouTuber John Fassold has accomplished in his “How EVERY Drake song is written” tutorial is no easy feat.

First things first: You have to catch a ~vibe~ in order to accurately emulate Drake’s style, which means writing in the dark at 2 a.m. in order to, in the words of Fassold, get the emotions to hit you “like a tidal wave of Hennessy.” Next is subject matter, which Fassold breaks down into two simple categories: “Look how rich I am now that I’ve made it,” and “Now that I’m rich, I miss my girl, I miss a girl, this girl is making me sad, this girl, this girl, this girl.”

Toss in a sleepy, sing-talk-rap delivery and a few Instagram caption-worthy lyrics and you just might have something that resembles the next Drake hit on your hands.

Pretty impressive, right? We think Fassold has cracked the code to the rapper’s signature songwriting approach, but we’d be interested to hear what Drake has to say about it — in song form, of course.