How deep is the ocean? Watch this video if you want to find out and have nightmares forever

We spend a LOT of time thinking about the universe and how little we actually know about it. We spend a surprisingly little amount time thinking about the unknown right here on earth. Of all that’s been explored on earth, the ocean is the biggest mystery. Sure we love the beach, but what’s underneath it all?

YouTuber RealLifeLore’s most recent YouTube video gets to the bottom of the lingering question of what actually lies under the sea. The video breaks down the known depth of the ocean using famous buildings and landmarks and explores how much we actually don’t know about the ocean.

RealLifeLore begins the video by breaking down the depths of the ocean that most people know a little bit about, already.

He explains the depths that people can reach by diving, pointing out wreckages of famous ships, like the Lusitania and Titanic, for reference.

He then moves to the more gritty parts to life under the sea, and let us tell you, it is NOTHING that Finding Nemo could have prepared us for. While we knew that there was a depth in the ocean where complete darkness begins (1,000 meters under the sea), we had no idea that the water pressure would be like being on Venus, aka we would die very quickly.

Additionally, the life underwater, as the water gets increasingly deep, it gets intensely alien. Finding Nemo taught us about the creepy black dragonfish, but not the viper fish and the angler fish.

Learn about ocean depths in the video below:

While this video teaches us a lot about what depth of the sea that most people aren’t familiar with, it also teaches us that there is so much more to be explored about underwater life. The angler fish will give us nightmares for weeks but we definitely plan on learning more about the ocean.