Here’s how cassette tapes are made, because our love for old-school mixtapes will never die

Today in “Things We Probably Should’ve Learned Before Now,” here’s a video that demonstrates how cassette tapes are made, and it’s rather fascinating to watch. Odds are that most kids these days wouldn’t be able to provide a detailed, step-by-step breakdown of how streaming live television works, but we won’t hold it against them if they don’t quite develop an interest in the technological process until it’s damn near obsolete. That’s kind of where we are with this explanatory video.

As any ’80s or ’90s kid will tell you, all we cared about was using the cassette player to record our favorite songs off the radio (*groans in ancient*) or play that Spice Girls song on repeat FOREVER.

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But just in case those memories are buried deep in the back of your brain behind all those blurred images of dreadful ’90s fashion you thought were *so* hot back in the day, this Super Deluxe clip will get the old-school feels flowing.

In just under five minutes, the video takes us through all of the tedious steps involved in making a cassette tape, which involves loading 400 feet of audio into a single plastic case. Some of the process requires an individual to manually thread tape around large spools, which may or may not give you a flashback to the time you ripped your favorite cassette tape while trying to untangle it with your fingers, and yeah… There’s that ancient feeling creeping in again to steal our nostalgic joy.

Ah, memories. Who else is in the mood to dig up all those cassette tapes we haven’t seen or heard in forever?