I used a hi-tech vibrator to learn how cannabis affects my orgasms

The internet is ripe with official studies and personal testimonies about how cannabis has changed people’s sex lives. Forward-thinking bloggers, vloggers, and writers—basically anyone with a platform on the internet—have praised the combination of weed and sex, while some conservative studies ask, “Is too much of a good thing dangerous?” There are still some skeptics who believe that danger lurks in the shadowy corners of cannabis-induced pleasure.

Personally, I love using THC and CBD to enhance solo or partnered sexy time—when I can get my hands on it. I’ll admit that it isn’t always better, especially since I consume cannabis to combat my anxiety, leaving me with relatively high tolerance. Yet I’ve still had unforgettable, I-saw-Jesus-and-now-I-know-for-sure-he-isn’t-white, life-changing sex while using cannabis—and those few times are enough to make me a believer in weed’s power. So I wanted to find out exactly what cannabis does to my orgasms, and why.


I’ve decided that the most “professional” way to talk about my orgasms on the internet is with infographics. Luckily, tech-pleasure company Lioness made the perfect tool for me to be able to measure how different forms of cannabis affect my playtime: A vibrator that syncs to an app on your phone so that you can learn more about your orgasms. Yes, I know. This is exactly what I pictured the future would be like when I watched Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.

She’s not your average vibrator, folks! This bunny-shaped gift from the gods comes equipped with a state-of-the-art heat and force sensors. The heat sensors trigger the toy to start recording your sessions. As your playtime builds to an orgasm, the force sensors located at the side of the vibrator’s shaft measure your pelvic floor movements. During an orgasm, the vagina pulses between a forceful contraction and euphoric release. The toy records all this data, and when you sync your toy to your app, graphs appear to help you learn more about your pleasure.


In this particular exploration of how cannabis affects my orgasms, I started by engaging in solo play while sober to see what my regular orgasm looked like. Ladies and gents, I don’t think there’s a more satisfying way to practice self-love than staring into your own orgasms. Lioness did that shit! If infographics aren’t your thing, Lioness also included a mesmerizing Artgasm feature that plugs the data into an image- and sound-generator so that you can visualize your orgasms. The visualizations had me yelling, “OH SHIT!??! *looks down at my crotch* You can do that?!

Hands down, Lioness is one of the most useful and pleasurable toys I’ve ever used. I’ve tested a bunch of toys in my 28 years of living, and this one takes the cake. Its strength is in its ability to teach you movements and peripheral arousal techniques that can work for you. I imagine this toy is particularly useful for women who suffer from painful endometriosis or uterine fibroids so that they (and their partners) can measure and learn which techniques work best for their arousal.


The power of a joint

Let’s dive right into it. I don’t know about you, but my levels of horniness typically depend on the day. Some days, I prefer a hot, steamy, passionate, candlelit romp, while on others I prefer to bust that O and get on with my day. Either way, I know that if I need to get in the mood quickly, all I have to do is bust out the grinder and the Raw Papers, and roll myself a cute little joint.

As predicted, during my first documented masturbation session with Lioness, cannabis got me to my destination without deviating from the path. My session was longer than usual. with orgasms becoming more intense and powerful as time went on. Having smoked an energy-inducing sativa, I also noticed that I had more stamina after masturbation, which is a big deal for morning players like myself. Interestingly enough, even though I had a longer session, I noticed that my muscles were able to contract more forcefully while sober.


Choosing the right strains, products, and ingestion methods are so important when experimenting with how cannabis can improve your sex life. Depending on your tolerance, vaping or smoking might not get you that intense orgasm you’ve been looking for. Cannabis heavyweight Foria also sells lubricants infused with THC and CBD to enhance your senses topically. I was hesitant to try this because of a negative experience I’d had with a different brand’s THC lube, but Foria’s Pleasure Lube has received glowing reviews all around.

Edibles: Fuck your schedule

Cancel your whole day, ladies and femmes. When you start your play sessions just as that edible hits, you’re not going anywhere. The longest solo session I’ve managed to achieve during this extra-fun research project lasted almost eight minutes. Edibles definitely have a way of relaxing the whole body. I came to the proverbial Well of Orgasms with a meager cup, and once I arrived, a tidal wave rose up from the well and blew me into the deep blue seas of Climax Ocean.


Like Narcissus, who was so in love with his own reflection that he fell into a river staring at it, I became so in love with watching my vaginal movements through the ARTGASM feature that I dropped my phone on my face. The art piece that’s created using the data collected from the toy during this particular session is absolutely stunning. Low key, I actually got really emotional. It’s such an intimate experience to be able to see your own pleasure mapped out in front of you. I’m forever grateful to Lioness for creating a tool that helps vagina-owners all over the world capture this experience.


Final Thoughts


In collaboration with cannabis retailer Eaze, Lioness conducted a new study called Let’s Toke About Sex. The study surveyed 432 people of all genders to see how cannabis affected the quality of their sex lives. An overwhelming majority of folks reported that their orgasms are longer and more intense after ingesting weed. Cannabis allows the body to reach climax quicker, while increasing your stamina to have multiple orgasms. Lioness and Eaze both claim that cannabis can improve your orgasms, “no matter who you are.”

Again, the results of combining cannabis and sex depend on many factors, including your dexterity, stamina, and tolerance. Keep in mind that the key to a healthy sex life, with or without cannabis, is to continue to listen to your body and give her what she wants. While I can’t speak for everybody, cannabis has been a welcome addition—now a mainstay—in my bedroom activities.

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