How to put on a boutonniere in 3 easy steps (so you’ll never poke yourself or your date again)

It’s April and in addition to the flowers blooming, that means wedding and prom season is here. So it’s no surprise if you’re stepping up your attire while getting familiar with garments and accessories you’d never wear on an everyday basis. A lot of effort tends to go into the selection of a corsage (though some teens are hilariously bucking tradition and wearing croissants to their prom), but it’s application is as easy as slipping it on your wrist. With this in mind, you’re more likely to ask yourself: How do I put on a boutonniere…without getting poked?

First, do you know what a boutonniere is? Meaning “buttonhole” in French, a boutonniere is a compact group of flowers pinned to the lapel of a jacket, typically worn by men on special occasions. However, a woman can totally wear one as well!

Though it’s a great finishing touch for any formal look, attaching a boutonniere  can induce serious anxiety. Since it has to be secured with a pin, the idea of accidentally pricking your date (or yourself!) is nerve-wracking. But putting on a boutonniere is much easier than you think.

1Position the boutonniere on the left lapel, right in the middle.


It should be parallel to the outer seam.

2Lift the lapel and insert the pin through the thickest part of the stem.

Sticking it through the thickest part ensures the boutonniere is secure. Also, you want to angle the pin away from the chest.

3Push the pin upwards at a slight angle and back through the lapel. Both ends of the pin should be behind the lapel.


And that’s it! The boutonniere is attached.


If you’re more of a visual learner, the short video below is perfect:

Next time someone asks, “Can you pin this on me?,” you’ve got it!