This guy’s attempt to show how birds defend their territory went horribly wrong — on purpose

Ya know, we love and admire our feathered friends who fly, but we also realize how important is to give them space. Respecting personal boundaries isn’t just a human thing, which is something this Trader Joe’s employee who was attacked by a bird wants everyone to know.

The guy who refers to himself as Trader Steve on YouTube could’ve easily pointed us to Google to find out how birds claim territory, or he could’ve simply reminded us of the time a raging father goose attacked a police officer who was simply trying to make his way past a nest in order to get to work.

But Steve didn’t send us off to do our own bird research because apparently he’s into real-life demonstrations. Instead, he came up with the not-so-brilliant idea to place himself on the the receiving end of an angry bird’s beak all in the name of spreading knowledge about a particular time of year in which a particular flock of CVS-dwelling birds “go ape shit on people” in the parking lot.

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Ah, well. What’s done is done, so there’s no use in us side-eyeing Steve for lingering in a CVS parking lot and low key taunting a bird because without those questionable decisions, we wouldn’t have this glorious visual example of when birds attack.

In the end, Steve sacrificed himself (and possibly his hat) to the bird just for us to find out what we already knew in the first place: Don’t come for birds unless they send for you.