How Bella Thorne coming out as bi impacted her career, for better and worse

We were so proud of Bella Thorne when she came out as bisexual this year. Now, she’s opening up about how it shaped her future. In a chat with Paper, Bella Thorne admitted that being outspoken about her bisexuality had a few drawbacks for her career, despite the many pros coming out had for her.

ICYMI, Bella Thorne came out as bisexual via a Tweet following a Snapchat that appeared to show her kissing another girl. Since then, she’s been open about her identity, even celebrating her first Bi Visibility Day, like, awwww. We’re so here for it.

But according to a recent interview with Paper, Bella Thorne coming out did have some drawbacks. Why? Because some execs were less than pleased with how open she was being.

Thorne explained,

"I got a lot of tweets from people saying that I've inspired them to come out to their parents, which is really cool. But I've got some [sic] from studio heads. I've heard some [sic] down from the grapevine that I'm just like, are you kidding me? Look at the world we live in. It is so crazy and disgusting and times have changed so much, and yet still not enough whatsoever."

Like, UGH. We’re pissed off for her. Unfortunately biphobia is alive and well, and not everyone has progressed in the way we’d hope. We get why she’s so frustrated by it.

Still, Bella Thorne coming out really inspired so many of her fans.

Thorne told Paper,

"I've gotten a lot of positivity from fans. Everybody was really happy, in my personal life. Everybody was really proud of me. It felt good, but it was also something that I was never really hiding."

We’re so annoyed at the ridiculous hate Thorne faced for coming out, but we’re thrilled to know that so many people shared their support for her, especially the young LGBTQ+ kids who feel safer and more empowered to be who they are.