If you hover when you pee in a public bathroom, you need to read this

Next time you are out at a bar or at the airport, keep in mind that squatting over the toilet is not the best idea. If you are one of those people who hover when you pee in a public bathroom, you should know that this is not your ideal position for release.


We know! Our minds were blown just like yours upon hearing that this age-old technique is not optimal. According to urologist Matthew Karlovsky, when you squat over a toilet seat you are causing your muscles to tense up. They aren’t relaxing as much as they are being forced to release your urine. This can eventually lead to a weakened bladder over time. Obviously, it’s not something we are looking forward to.


You can  avoid this bathroom move by placing layers on toilet paper on the seat, and fully sitting down. You can also take on a full-squat over the toilet bowl. That move is actually proven to relax your muscles much more and make it easier to pee. You can watch the commercial for Squatty Potty for an illustration of what we mean.


Just think of the benefits your core will get from you squatting fully every time you use the restroom. You will have the buns of steel! Or at the very least not have your butt touch the toilet seat that millions of other butts have touched. That’s a world we want to someday live in.