This hover camera will change our selfie game forever

The selfie stick hasn’t been around that long, and it’s a pretty useful contraption. But word on the street is theres some tough competition heading its way: from a hover camera! You know, as in a tiny lightweight (seriously, it’s only 250 grams), highly durable camera that flies and hovers in front of our faces, snapping excellent hi-resolution photos, 4k video, and panoramas. When you’re done, it folds up into a neat little bundle.

Okay, yeah. That sounds a bit cooler than a selfie stick. It’s basically your own personal drone! Chinese tech firm Zero Zero Robotics are responsible for this game-changing invention, where the camera’s directional movements are controlled via a simple app. Amazingly, there’s only one button on the camera itself (the Power button) — so it should be really easy to operate.

Apparently you can literally throw the camera to take pictures and video, and have it track your movements when the device is connected to Wi-Fi. Did we mention the convenient personal drone aspect?

Here’s the CEO giving a demonstration.

So there’s no price yet on this new camera because it’s still in beta testing, however the internet suggests a hefty figure of $600. That seems about right, for something that boasts facial recognition and flies by itself. Wowzers.

The company is hoping for a summer release — yes, that’s this summer! In the meantime, we will be watching more awesome demonstrations from the Hover Camera Instagram account.