This zoo’s animals are all A+ snugglers

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and love was in the air. Oh, and if you’re thinking that V-Day is a holiday exclusively for humans, you’re wrong. So. Very. Wrong.

The Houston Zoo released a special Valentine’s Day message on Facebook showing a whole bunch of cute-boots animals getting their snuggle on. The zoo captioned the post, “It’s not just for the birds and the bees! Here at the Houston Zoo, elephants, sea lions, otters, meerkats and more get snuggly for Valentine’s Day.” Then they proceeded to shatter our hearts with an entire photo album of lovey dovey zoo animals, from sea horses to lizards. Even bugs, you guys. (Because hey, even insects can get down with romance.)

Brace yourselves for the onslaught of cute, because here it is:

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