Houston Astros player Carlos Correa proposed to his girlfriend on live TV after winning the World Series

Well, this made the World Series even more special. Houston Astros player Carlos Correa proposed to his girlfriend, Daniella Rodriguez, right after his team won the big game. And as you might have expected, she said yes!

The moment was actually televised, which we assume Correa may have planned. He was being interviewed about his big win when he told the reporter that he was “going to take another big step in my life.” From there, he fished out the ring that was, at the time, hiding in his pants pocket. Rodriguez looked a bit stunned, yet quickly seemed to figure out what was happening.

If Rodriguez’s name rings a bell, it might be due to her pageant work. Back in 2013, she won the title of Miss Texas Teen USA 2013, and in 2016, she served as Miss Texas USA. She also threw out the first pitch for an Astros game last year, and had good humor when fans decided to roast her online when it ended up going not-so-great for her. So, she’s used to being on camera — especially when big moments take place.

Speaking of good humor, her reaction to the proposal was also pretty funny. She didn’t quite answer “yes” at first, as she was truly surprised. After opening the barrier between them, she grabbed Correa for a big kiss.

"Let’s celebrate!" Correa yelled out to fans after the long embrace.

In an interview afterward, Correa said that he had considered proposing to Rodriguez “for months,” but he kept waiting for the right opportunity.


"I’m like, ‘I don’t want to jinx anything, but if we get the three outs, please bring me the ring because I’m gonna get engaged in the ballpark,'" he said.

We don’t think this moment could have been any better. Congratulations to the two!