The new ‘House of Cards’ trailer is SO intense, you guys

One of our favorite Netflix binges, House of Cards, had a pretty big Sunday night. For one, Frank Underwood himself, Kevin Spacey, took home the top honor of Best Actor in a Television Series, Drama (and then looked into the camera and sent a chill down our spine) at the Golden Globes. Secondly, quietly during the Globes telecast, a brand new House of Cards trailer hit the web, and boy did it deliver. It’s 45 seconds of madness and intensity and clues and heart thumping.

A little backstory: Last we saw the Underwoods, they had just finished their grand scheme to get Frank into the President’s seat — and that’s not something you should try at home. It looks as if Season 3 will pick up right after that, showing Frank as the new leader of the U-S-of-A, and his wife, Claire, obviously, right by his side (and probably still pulling strings behind the scenes). “You want to know what takes real courage?” Frank asks us, “Holding it all together when the stakes are this high.” Yeah, you can basically bet that someone else will be murdered this season.

The most important part of this trailer — for me, at least — is the fact that we get a quick shot of Gavin in a suit (and he looks really worried). But if we’ve got Gavin back, that means Cashew the Guinea Pig is back too! Team Cashew forever, the secret unsung hero of House of Cards season 2.

Clear your schedule for February 27th, because that’s when all 13 episodes will upload to Netflix. Let the third great House of Cards binge begin!

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