The first full Season 6 House of Cards trailer is here, and it’s feminist AF

Ever since Netflix announced that the final season of House of Cards would focus entirely on Robin Wright as President Claire Underwood, we’ve been waiting to see what her rule would look like—and how Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood would be written out of the show. Now, the release of the next and final season’s trailer has answered both of these questions, while also granting us a look at Claire’s White House.

The trailer for House of Cards Season 6, released today, September 27th, opens with Claire giving a speech about her first 100 days in office, which she acknowledges have been “difficult.” She then drops a major bombshell: Frank is dead.

"I lost my husband," Claire says. "We were about to celebrate 30 years together."

The trailer doesn’t reveal how Frank meets his demise, so there’s still some mystery about his fate. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if he meets a grisly end (after all, he does have a lot of blood on his hands). And it seems Claire is taking to her role as commander-in-chief very well.

"The reign of the middle-aged white man is over," she declares.

It’s also clear from the trailer that Season 6 will contain the same signature intrigue and deception of previous seasons. Characters threaten Claire at every turn, and journalist Tom Hammerschmidt is hot on her trail, revealing that “the bodies are adding up.” Nonetheless, Madame President says that she is “not going to be told what to do anymore,” so it’s safe to say that Claire will be a formidable hero (anti-hero?) in her own right.

House of Cards Season 6 drops on November 2nd, and we can’t wait to see what the end of the series has in store. Nothing but respect for our president.

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