“House of Cards” just said so long to Frank and hello to Claire in the first teaser for the final season

The first teaser from the final season of Netflix’s House of Cards is here, and it’s *all* about Claire Underwood — and you know what? GOOD.

The House of Cards teaser, which debuted during the 2018 Oscars, takes us on a walk through the White House, ultimately leading to the Oval Office where we see Claire (Robin Wright) — who, you’ll recall, had assumed the presidency by the end of Season 5 — spin around. She’s wearing what looks like a powerful pantsuit, is literally beaming confidence, and you can read into that what you will…

She says, "We're just getting started." Then, text appears on screen: "Hail to the Chief." As does, "Coming this Fall."

Also notable, aside from Claire being a #BOSS and the (sort of) release date? Yes, the teaser is only 45 seconds long, but there’s much to pour over. (We’d expect nothing less from team Netflix and House of Cards.)

The absence of Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey).

Spacey was fired from House of Cards after allegations of sexual misconduct were made against him last fall. It’s still not clear how the show will handle his exit exactly, but if this teaser is any indication, the final season will be largely about Claire, and rightfully so.


“Hail to the Chief,” indeed.

We’re so eager to see how House of Cards will wrap up with its sixth season — so, needless to say, we can’t wait until fall. And, of course, we can’t wait for all the scheming Wright is sure to bring as Claire.

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