This house in Japan is made entirely from recycled materials and it’s as fascinating as it sounds

Hanging out in a recycling bin doesn’t really sound like the ideal fabulous time, except when it’s this amazing house in Japan that’s made entirely of recycled materials. Oh, did we mention that this divine dwelling also contains a bar and a brewery in addition to living spaces? Many thanks to Bored Panda for directing our attention towards what sounds like the perfect dream getaway.

Located in the town of Kamikatsu, the Kamikatz Public House was designed by architects Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP who created the eco-friendly abode in perfect alignment with the town’s goal to recycle all of its waste. Kamikatsu is currently 80 percent of the way to achieving that impressive feat, and with its recycled house and bar combo winning the WAN Sustainable Buildings Award 2016, the town is clearly heading in the right direction.

We’re in complete awe of this sustainable structure:

Coolest digs ever:

Yes, all of the interior decor is made from recyclable materials as well:

SIGH. Anyone down to be roomies? Because we so want to live here.