Important things to remember before your ‘House of Cards’ binge

**I think this goes without saying, but MASSIVE spoilers lie ahead, and I don’t want to be responsible for ruining your day. Read at your own risk!**

I can finally say the five words I’ve been waiting months for: House of Cards is back! Today should really be a national holiday. First there was the trailer. Then there was this incredible Sesame Street parody. And now, the new season is finally here.

But before you dive in and inhale all 13 episodes in one sitting, let’s set the stage and look back at some of the most important things that happened last season.

Frank is the new POTUS
“President Underwood” has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? People always say government is corrupt, but I think Frank Underwood will take his power to dark places we’ve never dreamed of. And with Frank as POTUS, that definitely means things will get shady.

Claire is the new FLOTUS
Obvious, yes, but it’s worth stating. Because even though Claire is the First Lady, she’s a lot hungrier than her title states, and she’s going to give Frank a run for his money. The Netflix description of season three sums it up nicely: “Claire wants more than being First Lady.”

Frank is as manipulative as ever
This is the man who went from congressman to VEEP to top dog in 26 Netflix chapters. Bottom line: he’s capable, and he won’t think twice about pushing you in front of a moving train. Which reminds me. . .

There’s no more Zoe
Yeah, that happened. And I don’t think I’ll ever be over it. Zoe’s death reminds us that no matter what people say, there’s no such thing as having friends in Washington—not even your wife. Except maybe. . .

There’s always a chance Doug is alive
At the end of the second season, we just kind of assumed Doug was dead. But when it comes to TV, I’ve learned you can never say never. And if Doug is still alive, he’s going to be a huge liability.

Now that you’re all caught up, head to Netflix for more lies, deceit and fourth wall-breaking. Happy House of Cards day!

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