This hot-plate from IKEA in Taiwan might revolutionize how we interact at dinner

IKEA, which already has everythingyou may need to make your house a home, has just introduced a new item that could transform your home into a happy home.

But wait, if it’s that incredible of an item, why hasn’t it been blowing up my newsfeed?

That’s just the thing. In order for this item to work, it requires that you don’t stay glued to your phone. In fact, it requires that you actually put your phone away.



Crazy. I know.

So what is this outlandish phone-censoring technology anyway?

It’s a simple hot plate designed by IKEA Taiwan that requires a certain number of phones be under it in order to work. Which means, if you want a warm meal, you have to be willing to put your phone down just eat the warm meal — not just take pictures of the warm meal.



The design has been both surprising and extremely popular to customers in Taiwan. In being forced to put down their phone for a while, they have old-fashioned eye contact and conversations with each other while enjoying their distraction-less meal.

Obviously, the requirement of several phones in order to produce enough heat may not be practical for many everyday circumstances. But if you’re throwing a dinner party or having a group over, this hotplate is way to guarantee nobody is interrupted by each little phone notification.

Instead, you can actually focus and enjoy your meal!


Sounds deliciously delightful!

(Images via IKEA Taiwan/YouTube, Disney/Tumblr, natureismymother/Tumblr, justinjonestv/Tumblr)