This hotel in Melbourne is a bunch of Airstream trailers on a rooftop and we need to go there immediately

Because there is never not a good time to jet off to some alluring international destination, this hotel in Melbourne that’s comprised of a bunch of Airstream trailers on a rooftop is totally calling our names. At the present moment, we need our bodies to reunite with our minds, which have already booked a stay there and are currently sipping a drink waiting on the squad to arrive down under.

Dubbed Notel, the recently opened rooftop hotel of our dreams is the result of an artistic collaboration between Edwards Moore Architects, Architecture FMSA and artist Ash Keating. Honestly, who knew that six vintage trailers grouped together under the Australian sky could make for such fab accommodations?

The red carpet gives off total VIP vibes:

Keating spray painted the surrounding walls with fire extinguishers. Color us ah-mazed:

Technology, FTW. Your smart phone serves as the hotel key:

Vintage chic on the outside:

And cozy cute on the inside:

Sighs. Not only is this hotel uber impressive, it reminds us of just how essential it is to take a vacation from adulting.

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