This hotel is every book lover’s dream vacation spot

Bibliophiles have a new dream vacation spot: Tokyo. Our literature-loving hearts are swooning over the city’s brand new Book and Bed hotel. Technically, it’s not actually hotel at all. Book and Bed’s website describes it as “an accommodation bookshop.” The books aren’t for sale, though. Just for reading. And reading and reading and reading until you just can’t keep your eyes open anymore, because guess what? There are beds, too. Basically, it’s like having a sleepover at a library. All of the yes!

Book and Bed just opened earlier this month, and already they’re booked through the rest of November. We can totally see why. Personally, the idea of spending the night in a cute little library nook, surrounded by over 1,700 books (in both Japanese and English) sounds like heaven to me.

Prices range from $29-$37 per night, which when you think about, is barely more than the cost of a hardback book. There’s also free wifi, and, of course, community bathrooms. So basically there’s no reason to leave. Like ever.

BRB. Grabbing a bookmark and taking a quick jaunt to Tokyo.

[Images via Twitter.]

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