6 reasons it’s bullsh*t when it’s fall but the weather doesn’t *feel* like fall

Each year, it seems like fall comes earlier and earlier, that is, if you choose to believe the Halloween candy-lined store shelves and pumpkin mania that somehow now sets in well before Labor Day. But what happens when fall is in full swing and you’re ready to break out the boots and sweaters — but it’s still hovering around 80 degrees each day? We’re just gonna come out and say it: It’s close to impossible to get into the festive fall spirit when it’s still warm outside, because it goes against everything the season stands for.

Fall is the very best season. This is just a universally known fact. But it’s honestly kinda bullshit when we’re trying to rock our oversized sweaters and slouchy boots and it still feels like summer because it’s so hot out.

Here are all the reasons it’s awful when it’s allegedly fall, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it.

1It’s impossible to truly get in the spirit.


The best parts of fall include cozying up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa or a hot toddy in hand, enjoying a spooky Halloween movie, lighting some candles, and staying inside. And that is very, very hard to do when you could actually go to the beach because it’s still so warm out. It’s bad enough that fall already feels like such a short season, but when you’re still sweating and keeping the air conditioning on, it’s hard as hell to feel truly festive.

2How on earth are we supposed to dress, anyway?


Stores have been selling scarves, hats, and sweaters for two months, but if you go outside wearing any of your new fall fashion wardrobe, you’ll be sweating faster than you can say “grande Pumpkin Spice Latte, please.” We don’t know about you, but we don’t want to wear shorts and flip-flops in October. Getting dressed in the fall months can be a downright nightmare if the weather refuses to pick a lane: You end up contending with under-boob sweat if you overdress, or freezing if you underdress. Layers, people. That’s our only advice.

3Enjoying that hot Pumpkin Spice Latte is like asking for a death wish.

How are we even supposed to enjoy all the fall-flavored beverages when we’re sweating just from the walk from the car into Starbucks? It certainly feels like cruel and unusual punishment.

4You’re a sweaty mess during festive fall activities.

Ah, is anything better than apple picking, leaf peeping, and pumpkin carving in the fall? Of course not, but these activities are exponentially less fun when your feet are sweating in your knee-high boots. Wearing summer clothes during prime Insta-worthy fall activities just feels wrong, but when it’s still super warm, wearing it literally feels wrong.

5Cozy fall foods just aren’t going to happen.


Maybe it’s just us, but there’s nothing we love more than breaking out the slow cooker after many months in storage and enjoying cozy fall recipes like warm soups and hearty stews. Well, it’s really freaking hard to do that when it’s still hot and humid outside, amirite? It’s downright impossible to get that true fall feeling when a bowl of soup gives you full-on body sweats.

6Sporting events are entirely unpleasant.

Fall is supposed to signify the end of baseball season and the beginning of football season, but it’s definitely not enjoyable to tailgate when the pavement is so hot and the sun is blazing so bright, you feel like you’re melting. We can’t even deal.

Still, even with the hot weather aside, those crisp, cool fall days are sure to come, and when they do, you’ll appreciate them even more…even if it means you have to throw on the A.C. to make pretend it’s officially “sweater weather.”

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