Remember that hot mugshot guy? He now has a McMansion, a Maserati, and a modeling portfolio, because of course he does

Not that we have a thing for crime, because we absolutely do NOT. But remember our hot felon bae, the one whose mugshot worked every male-desiring woman into a tizzy? Well, hot felon has long since been released from prison, and he’s doing quite well for himself. Nine months after his release on weapons charges, Jeremy Meeks is now living large somewhere in California, with (sob) his wife and three kids. (WHHYYYY even the criminals got to be taken?!)

The reformed baddie posted a shirtless (yes, ugh) pic of himself standing in front of a major McMansion on Instagram.

He also showed off a slick new Maserati.

Meeks, making us weak.

He’s a family man, and our hearts are liquid.

And that smile…

Bae’s account states that his modeling rep is White Cross Management.

He’s begun steadily posting modeling shots, to which we say AMEN.

Meeks was arrested in Stockton, California on five weapons charges and one gang charge in the summer of 2014. As part of Operation Ceasefire, a multiagency mission involving the Stockton police gang unit, the FBI, and the U.S. Marshals Task Force, the operation aimed to crack down on shootings and robberies in the Weston Ranch area of Stockton.

We believe the lesson here is that a pretty face is the most powerful weapon of all. ❤️

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