The gorgeous guy from “Cadet Kelly” has become such a dreamy man

Let’s be real, the actual love story in Cadet Kelly was between Kelly and Christy Carlson Romano’s Jennifer, but second to that was the beautiful Cadet, Brad, and his ~connection~ with Kelly. Cadet Kelly is definitely Hilary Duff’s magnum opus, but we need to take this story to spend some time appreciating the dreamboat that was Brad, aka Shawn Ashmore.

It’s easy to lose sight of all of the 90s through early 2000s dreamboats we crushed on during the glory days of DCOMs, but here at HelloGiggles, we’re not ready to let them go.

So we had to ask ourselves — whatever happened to Cadet Major Brad?

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We’ll start with what you really want to know: He’s still dreamy AF, only now he has artfully manicured facial hair.


He’s also been a regular on Hayley Atwell, aka Peggy Carter’s, new show Conviction. So we’re happy to see that Brad has since left the army to join SHIELD.


When we look at Cadet Major Brad vs. Shawn Ashmore now, though, we’re sort of wondering what his skin care routine is, because other than his beard…he looks basically the same? Shawn Ashmore is a witch, pass it on.


We can’t believe how long we’ve gone without thinking about Cadet Major Brad and his dreamy, dreamy eyes. Like, hello, what day is it, we got a little lost for a minute there…

Shawn Ashmore has also had major roles in films like X-Men, and been on some of our favorite TV shows like FringeSmallville, The Following, and Quantum Break. BRB while we rewatch Cadet Kelly and then marathon all of his other shows…

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