Hot dog crusts? Oh, Pizza Hut, you really went there

It’s not like we haven’t all thought about it: Just how much stuff can you actually stuff into a pizza crust? Well, Pizza Hut went ahead found out. The answer? 28 hot dogs (they’re miniature, OK?)  In less than a week, this will be a very real concoction that you can buy at Pizza Hut. That’s right: on June 18th, you can seriously purchase a melty, delicious pizza. . . with a pigs-in-a-blanket crust. UNFFF.

“Pizza Hut has created the perfect combination for American taste buds,” a company rep said in a news release. The creation, which has been named the “Hot Dog Bites Pizza” (makes sense), is a one-topping pizza with hot dog bites baked directly into the crust. The whole thing will cost $11.99. Based on the picture Pizza Hut tweeted, it looks like it will be coming in both salted and unsalted forms, and it also comes with French’s mustard. We didn’t even know we needed pizza with mustard, but life is full of surprises.

The Hot Dog Bites Pizza has already been available in international markets, but this is the first time it will be making rounds to America.

As Fortune points out, this is a bit of a risky move on Pizza Hut’s part, since the American public have recently been not-so-enthused about processed junk, instead favoring nutritious and wholesome foods, sending companies like PepsiCo scrambling to come up with healthier options. But Pizza Hut is all like, “Nah, we’re just gonna make pizza and hot dogs have a beautiful, cheesy lovechild.”

Bold, PH. Obviously, the Hot Dog Bites Pizza is not exactly a food that we should make a staple in our daily diets, but we’re not above trying a Franken-pie—in the name of science, of course.

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