Annnd here’s who’s replacing Tina and Amy as host of the Golden Globes

If we had it our way, Tina and Amy would host the Golden Globes — and every award show, for that matter — year after year. They’re clever, confident and just the right amount of snarky. Their jokes perfectly straddle the line between laughing with you and laughing at you, a seemingly impossible but immensely vital part of hosting duties.

Alas, Tina and Amy will not be returning for the 2016 show. But their replacement will bring the laughs just as hard: In their place will be none other than Golden Globe veteran Ricky Gervais. Maybe the girls are moving on to bigger hosting duties—perhaps for the Oscars?! We can only dream.

Gervais has the resume to back up his role as host: He hosted the show three years in a row, from 2010-2012. His approach to hosting is a bit more blunt and than Tina and Amy’s, earning him a controversial reputation. Gervais is known for roasting celebrities and nominated works, but the comedian’s comments are all in good fun.

“Disarming and surprising, Ricky is ready to honor — and send up — the best work of the year in film and television,” said Robert Greenblatt, chairman of NBC Entertainment, in a statement. “Fasten your seat belts.”

Though they’re relinquishing their duties as emcees, we hope Tina and Amy (and friends) will still grace us with hilarious moments throughout the show. We’re talking on the red carpet, while nominees are being read and (hopefully) during acceptance speeches.

(Featured image via NBC.)

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