This horse is better at relationships than all of us

Love means never having to eat alone…if you’re a horse. YouTuber Jessica Munn posted this awwwww-worthy video of her horse Layla and Layla’s special friend, T, sharing the most adorable, romantic moment of our lives.

First T runs over to Layla with a mouth full of hay to share, galloping triumphantly like he knows love like nothing else. The cute couple chow down and then something amazing happens: you can see them mirroring each other’s body language, just like relationship experts tell us humans do when we like someone. Layla ducks her head down to chew a bit of grass and T does the same. She lifts her head up, still keeping it bowed, and he does the same while holding his head close to hers. LOVE IS REAL, YOU GUYS.

Then T leans in to give Layla a little horsey kiss on the cheek and when anthropologists find our remains a thousand years in the future, let it be known that was the moment we died of cute overload.

Are these two horses really in love with each other? Maybe, maybe not — it’s a bit anthropomorphic to assume they have a romantic relationship, and we certainly don’t want to ASSUME anything. But they clearly enjoy each other’s company and have a special bond, even if it’s over some hay. T + Layla 4ever!

(Image via YouTube)