At last, someone has made a piñata you won’t feel guilty smacking


Have you ever hesitated RIGHT before smacking a piñata with a baseball bat because the thing is just so gosh-darn cute? Those sweet little burro eyes staring straight back at you? Yes, breaking this sucker is all for the greater good. (The greater good is candy, obviously.) But you still feel bad annihilating a piñata when it is just so freaking adorable.

Lucky for us, one awesome Etsy vendor solves our piñata problem by making a series of horror movie bad guy piñatas, chock full of candy.

The Etsy seller HangMeOfficial has piñata-fied every horror movie baddie that freaks us out.

There’s Possessed Regan, from the Exorcist.


Pennywise the Clown, from It.


Chucky the killer doll:


Jigsaw, from Saw.


Jason Voorhees, from Friday the 13th.


Michael Myers, from Halloween.


Freddy Krueger, from A Nightmare On Elm Street.


HangMeOfficial also makes piñatas of characters who definitely skew this side of creepy, but aren’t, like, straight-up horror villains. For example, Beetlejuice (or, if you’re a purist, Betelgeuse):


And the deeply misunderstood Edward Scissorhands:


And (hee hee hee) Gene Simmons. Because why not, right?


These bad boys will set you back $55 each. Which is obviously NOT cheap. And true, you can get piñatas for a fraction of the price at a party supply store. But they won’t be THESE piñatasThese handmade, delightfully horror-riffic piñatas.

Because, let’s be real, ever since you watched Nightmare on Elm Street at that fateful middle school sleepover, you’ve been dying to get your revenge on Freddy Krueger for making sleeping basically impossible. And now sweet vengeance is almost yours. And you’ll get candy for your troubles at the end! LOVE IT.