This woman’s incredible horror makeup looks will have you longing for Halloween

Even though we’re in the middle of summer, we’re always ready for Halloween. Whether that involves a mid-July viewing of our beloved Hocus Pocus or re-reading a Stephen King novel, it’s never too early to celebrate Halloween. And now we have major makeup aspirations for Halloween thanks to 19-year old artist Saida Mickeviciute, whose makeup designs are quite literally killer. Below are some of our favorites of her spooky creations. Faint of heart — beware!

Pan’s Labyrinth Nightmares For Days

Where are her eyes? WHERE ARE HER EYES?

This is the kind of anatomy class we’d dig

This is just plain cool

Hello, Clarice

Why so serious?

This puts that creepy cat mask meme to shame

It’ll be a long time until we can watch Coraline again

My bloody valentine

I’ve never seen Saw and yet I’m still terrified

Who knew nutcrackers could be so terrifying?

Nope, nope, nope

What an incredible makeup artist. Hollywood, why aren’t you hiring her for EVERYTHING? Now excuse us, we need to start planning our Halloween costumes.

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