Horoscopes for April 20-26 by Zoe Moon


Can you say, ‘Make money?’ Well I hope so, it sure looks like a week that can get that ball rolling. Be proactive about earning as well as about what you are doing or want to do with your possessions or purchases. You can get into talks and meetings, sign agreements or make sales, write or interview, and make some choices MONDAY through WEDNESDAY based on your needs, your income, possessions, or purchases and, it looks good. THURSDAY and FRIDAY will continue to propel these matters forward but now with a positive link to home, real estate, family, parents, roommates, moves, or renovations, look at how you can expand on this now. SATURDAY and SUNDAY turn attention to fun, love, kids, and creative efforts, again with very positive aspects for growth, happiness or prosperity here. If you want to travel, make it legal, wed, involve media, marketing, or education in the mix, Saturday is the day to do so. Short trips and local activities are favored Sunday.


What’s it all about Taurus? The week ahead is aiming almost all of it’s energy at you so you should ask yourself the question. Decide what you want to do for yourself or about something involving your leadership, name, title, image, brand, signature on something important, body, or personal interests. MONDAY through WEDNESDAY will give you plenty of cosmic momentum to go for it opening up talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, offers, and decisions that may be money making or help you with possessions or purchases. THURSDAY and FRIDAY will gear you up with more of a focus on decisions based around home or family, real estate or renovations, moves or roommates, parents or security needs, and again the information flow and choices are aligned quite favorably for you, again with potential to earn, spend or deal with the possessions. SATURDAY and SUNDAY will turn your energy to having more fun there or pursuing love or what you want for the kids or a creative project there. If you want to cement something involving outside funds; loans, insurance, taxes, investments, commissions, etc, Saturday aligns to this or to anything sexual or divorce related you want to cement in the mix. Sunday on the other hand allows for some dream time or time holed up alone with someone, inspiration on overdrive, good times.


I want to start your forecast with the song ‘Secret Agent Man’ but since there’s no audio to this forecast you will have to imagine it as your soundtrack in the week ahead. Almost all of the energy this week is pointing to something you can do behind closed doors. It is favorable, so look into research and development, healing or hospitals, rest and recuperation, artistic projects, spiritual practices, or romantic trysts. It may be fueled by the prospect of pleasure, earned income, gifts/possessions, or purchases, but regardless, it’s on so get there. MONDAY through WEDNESDAY will bring more talks, meetings, offers, short trips, writing, sales, agreements, or decisions to the mix. THURSDAY and FRIDAY will add in that income, possessions or purchasing theme and tie it to home, real estate, family, parent, roommates, moves, or renovation opportunities. SATURDAY and SUNDAY will let you take a breather and focus in on the love, creativity, fun, or kids in the mix and the talks, meetings and short trips around enjoying these topics. A key player on Saturday makes it better, look to partners, clients, specialists, representatives, or others. Sunday may add a few friends or gatherings to the mix to make it better.


Either make this week about furthering your aspirations or make it social: friends, groups, the internet, charities, astrology, gatherings, etc. Almost all of the cosmic energy is aimed at potential for you here and will stimulate ways to earn money, make purchases, deal with possessions, or feel valued in these directions. MONDAY through WEDNESDAY opens up these channels through talks, meetings, short trips, local activities, agreements, offers, sales, writing, and decisions you make, dive in, the water is warm. THURSDAY and FRIDAY will add a dimension of home, real estate, renovation, move, family, parent, or roommate energy to the mix, all good. Both these days will give you more energy behind the scenes, with research, development, healing, hospitals, art, spiritual practice, or romance adding to the story. SATURDAY and SUNDAY will favor income, possessions or purchases but bring in a fun quality or will spark more creativity, love or time with kids in the mix. Saturday will help you cement something with work, organizing, clean-up, health, pets, paperwork, co-workers, or people you hire, all good. Sunday will bring a nice surprise or two.


This week is filled with opportunity for you when it comes to your career, personal goals or dealings with authority types like the boss, judge, parent, or mentor. Almost every day this week will pour energy here and open up doors if you work with it. MONDAY through WEDNESDAY will emphasize talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, interviews, auditions, offers, and decisions about it and will bring in opportunity to earn money, deal with possessions or make purchases. THURSDAY and FRIDAY will give you potential behind the scenes, so stay home and research or develop, look at your artistic output, spiritual practice, romance, or healing in the mix, and tune into your muse or inspiration. SATURDAY and SUNDAY are straight up fun or about your kids, love life, or creative projects. Saturday you can cement something here by getting serious about a trip, wedding, legal need, educational pursuit, or media topic. Sunday add to the sizzle if you involve friends, gatherings, charities, groups, astrology, or the internet, all good.


Your week ahead is SO focused on 9th house matters: travel, legal, media, marketing, publishing, educational, wedding, religious, broadcasting, or political themes. Most days this week will aim here and open things up for you if you work with this energy by taking action. MONDAY through WEDNESDAY will open up talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, interviews, short trips, offers, and decisions in the mix and may bring potential to earn money, make purchases or deal with possessions while you’re at it. THURSDAY and FRIDAY will add a social factor so involve friends, groups, the internet, charities, gatherings, or social networking to the mix. SATURDAY and SUNDAY allow you some time to pull back and rest or enjoy some romance, get into your artistic projects or spiritual practices, heal or deal with hospital needs, or do some research and development. Saturday will help you cement something at home, with family, real estate, a move, renovation, parent, or roommate. Sunday will amply good energy around goals, career or with a female in charge like a boss, parent, judge, or other authority type.


This week is about what you want to tackle with the finances, your sex life, reproductive needs, a mortality issue, divorce, or third party situation. You should look at how you are going to deal with possessions here or what is going on with purchases or income, it’s forward motion all week and most days will give you opportunity if you dive in and work with it. MONDAY through WEDNESDAY open up the talks, meetings, offers, agreements, sales, writing, short trips, and decisions in the mix. THURSDAY and FRIDAY bring an authority figure who can help or help you aim at your goals or the career needs in the matter. If you need to work out property or family themes in the mix, these days rock. SATURDAY and SUNDAY with be social and fun or fun and social. Think; friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, gatherings, and what you can do for fun, love, kids, or creative interests. Saturday will add at least one positive and serious talk or decision here. Sunday will add opening around travel, legal, media, educational, or wedding themes.


Your mission this week is to connect and go for something that can make you feel valued, earn you money, help you deal with possessions, or make purchases and when I say connect, I mean with: partners, agents, clients, specialists, attorneys, competitors, or advocates. The energy is focused here pretty much every day this week and is opening up doors if you work with it. MONDAY through WEDNESDAY will bring the talks, meetings, offers, agreements, sales, writing, brainstorming, interviews, or decisions into play. THURSDAY and FRIDAY will open up lines to media, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, legal, educational, travel, or wedding themes in the mix and help you move there via these relationships. SATURDAY and SUNDAY will bring creative flow, what you do with kids, for fun, or in the name of love to light and help you reach goals, further career needs, reputation build, or deal with authority figures like parents, bosses, judges, or others. Saturday this means cementing something in that income, purchases or possessions area. Sunday it means opening with outer financial matters, your sex life, divorce, or third party situations.


Details, Sage, details. Your week ahead is filled with opportunity that focuses on the details, especially if you apply them to work, health, paperwork, pets, people you hire, or co-workers. There is potential to earn money, deal with possessions or make purchases while you’re at it so get at it! MONDAY through WEDNESDAY these topics fare well through talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, interviews, short trips, offers, and decisions. THURSDAY and FRIDAY will bring outside financial themes like loans, commissions, insurance, taxes, investments, etc, into the mix or it will amp up the sexual or divorce themes that influence the situation. If you can do this at home or involve family or real estate needs, so much the better. SATURDAY and SUNDAY will turn attention to fun, creativity, love, or kids and open things up through trips, legal channels, media, marketing, educational pursuits, wedding, religion, or politics. Saturday this helps you cement something for yourself. Sunday it opens up a connection to the partner, rep, client, specialist, or other key relationship with a few nice surprises in the mix.


This is the week to put most of your focus on one or more of these themes, like every day, seriously, ready? These themes: the kid, your creativity or creative project, your love life or lover, the fun you can have. Now do this, every day, and figure out how you can earn money, make purchases, feel valued, or deal with possessions, if you do, you’re golden. MONDAY through WEDNESDAY will open up the talks, meetings, offers, agreements, sales, writing, interviews, or decisions in the mix, go. THURSDAY and FRIDAY will bring in clients, specialists, partners, agents, attorneys, or other key relationships for the good stuff here. SATURDAY and SUNDAY will then turn attention to sex, divorce or the bigger financial stuff like loans, debt, insurance, taxes, investments, commissions, alimony, child support, or a partner’s money. Saturday this aligns most positively with something serious going on behind the scenes, commitments or endings, structures or ambitions involving healing, research, artistry, spirituality, or romance. Sunday it aligns favorably to work, details, organizing, paperwork, co-workers, people you hire, the health needs, and pets.


Your week ahead is going to be very busy and focused on the home, a real estate deal, a move, renovation, the family, a parent, or roommates. Every day pretty much opens up possibilities if you work with the energy and most of this is tied positively to earning money, dealing with possessions or making purchases, sweet. MONDAY through WEDNESDAY will bring the talks, meetings, short trips, sales, agreements, offers, and decisions to these topics. THURSDAY and FRIDAY will open things up positively around your organizing, clean-up, work, health, paperwork, people you hire, pets, and co-workers involved. SATURDAY and SUNDAY will then move you to focus on partners, clients, specialists, representatives, or other key relationships. Saturday this means something serious with them involving a friend, group, gathering, the internet, astrology, a charity, or your freedom, this should help you cement something. Sunday it aligns these relationships favorably with fun, kids, love, and creativity, possibly even a few nice surprises.


Gab it up Pisces, talk, meet, write, interview, audition, make sales, sign agreements, negotiate terms, flirt, make short trips, get out there in your hood, it’s all about what you have to say or hear this week and it’s looking good. If you can aim this at feeling valued, making money, purchases, or dealing with your possessions, so much the better. MONDAY through WEDNESDAY expect this all to amplify. Some of you may involve siblings, neighbors, vehicles, or electronics in the mix, it’s time to partner with this energy and get the ball rolling. THURSDAY and FRIDAY will bring in the fun, love, lover, kids, or creativity and help you with these talks and meetings over income, possessions or purchases. SATURDAY and SUNDAY will turn your attention to the job, health needs, pets, paperwork, people you hire, or co-workers, and these days hold promise for you again with the kids, having fun, getting creative, or the love you need. Saturday this aligns favorably to your career, reputation, personal goals, and dealings with authority figures. Sunday it aligns nicely to home, real estate, family, parents, roommates, renovations, or moves.

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