Put this Horchata lip balm on your mouth right now

Whenever I consume delicious tacos, I’ll treat myself to a cold glass of Horchata, except for the strange time in 2009 when I participated in a “taco tally.” As you can imagine, it got pretty intense. Does one really need to know how many tacos they are consuming in a year? Lemme tell ya—it can be simultaneously awe-inspiring AND frightening.

Back to the Horchata. I truly love this rice water and cinnamon concoction so when I found out there was a lip balm inspired by it I HAD to try it. I’m a genuine lip balm connoisseur, stretching all the way back to my childhood when I’d beg my mom to order me different flavored balms with her Avon order.

Sin-Min is a California-made, organic lip balm with ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, cinnamon and honey. My lips are SO happy. Now, who wants to go out for tacos?

Sin-Min lip balm (2-pack), $9.99