There may be A LOT more going on with Hopper’s daughter on “Stranger Things” than we realized

**Spoilers ahead.**

The only problem with Netflix is that you can’t control your binge-watching urges. One minute you’re enjoying a phenomenal show like Stranger Things, and the next thing you know it’s over faster than you can say, “leggo my Eggo.”


Luckily, the internet has got your back, and is rife with theories…like this one!


If you recall, in the season finale, “The Upside Down,” Joyce and Hop dare to venture into the creepy alt world of the Upside Down in order to rescue Joyce’s son Will.

During their mission, Hop also has some pretty INTENSE flashbacks of his own daughter, Sarah.

Including her death.


Now, if you’re like us, you may have assumed Sarah died from cancer, because of her physical appearance. But it wasn’t said outright in the show.

In a recent AMA with Reddit, actor David Harbour (who plays Chief Jim Hopper), answered a slew of questions. One Redditor, hardycoreman, asked Harbour, “Do you know what specifically Jim’s daughter died of in the show?”

To which Harbour enigmatically responded, “Yes, but it’s a secret we may explore in s2, so don’t wanna say right now.”


The plot thickens. If you recall the second flashback Hopper experienced in the Upside Down, his daughter was indeed acting a little ~strange~ before she became ill.

What was she looking so frantically at?!


Was Sarah a gifted telepath like Eleven? Was she perhaps SEEING something totally creepy, like that monster from the Upside Down?

Sarah may have very well had cancer, but could it have been brought on by exposure to some strange experiment by Hawkins National Laboratory? 


Or was it an entirely different illness we know nothing about?! Only time will tell as we eagerly await Season 2.

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