Someone is editing Hopper dancing to *other* songs, and it’s glorious

Stranger Things Season 2 debuted on Netflix mere days ago — on Friday, October 27th — but it’s already taken the internet by storm. We’re talking Upside Down, Shadow Monster, novelty Twitter accounts, and so on. And there must be some higher power looking out for Stranger Things fans, because Chief Jim Hopper does a little dance in the new season.

In a flashback, fans see how Hopper saved Eleven from life in the Hawkins forests.

He puts together his grandfather’s old, isolated cabin for her to live in, and discovers Grandpa Hopper’s records in the process. Appropriately enough, Hopper tests the old turntable with Jim Croce’s “You Don’t Mess Around with Jim,” and then…He dances. He just dances!

A genius Twitter user decided to edit Hopper dancing to other songs, and the results have been glorious.

Since October 27th, @HopperDancingTo has fulfilled the dreams fans didn’t realize they had. It’s in the same vein as Armie Hammer dancing to, or Kanye West dancing to, but even better and way more awkward. Who wouldn’t want to give Hopper a big bear hug after this? He’s so tormented, so gruff. He probably didn’t realize he was still capable of enjoying a sweet little moment like this. false false false

And these are just the *tip* of the iceberg.

Even actor David Harbour is a fan of the Twitter account.

Does this guy miss anything?

(Sheriff) hats off to whomever captured the police chief’s cheerful, awkward dad dance. All of the Eggo waffles to you, friend. With extra whipped cream, too.

Stranger Things Season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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