Hooters is opening a new chain called Hoots where women do not wear that ~specific uniform~

Hooters has got it’s rep for being, shall we say, less than respectful to ladies (it’s called Hooters after all; and the cutesy owl logo is not the true namesake, rest assured) but it’s new chain, Hoots, promises not to objectify it’s co-ed staff in the same way. Yes, for those who can’t get enough of Hooters’ usual menu (those chicken strips though), but despise the cleavage and the booty-short-mandatory experience, there’s Hoots, which offers a quick and easy “abbreviated one-page menu” and much less skin walking around to ogle at. Hooray?

For those who need to slowly ween off their daily trips to Hooters, there’s Hoots, a totally strange but better (?) alternative to its parent brand.

No sheer tanks, no tan thigh meat arriving to take your order. Just fast, quick chicken wings without the usual lady parade. While we’re not about judging the women who choose to work at Hooters (your body, your choice! Plus, the tips must be bonkers on a good night), we’re slightly relieved to see the idea of “sexy lady serving men food” is slowly becoming passé and unattractive. If it’s your scene, good for you. Hooter’s has been around this long, hasn’t it? Make that cash!

So welcome, Hoots, the alternative to raucous frat brother Hooters. We welcome what you stand for, and maybe, for the first time, will stop in for some Hooter’s style wings. That is, if a sexy shirtless boy in leather chaps serves us. Kidding!