Hooray: ColourPop just released The Aquarius Bundle in celebration of Kathleen Lights’ birthday

You know you’ve made it in the wild wild west of beauty blogging and makeup tutorials when a makeup brand creates limited edition product bundles in honor of your birthday month. This is exactly what happened with ColourPop’s The Aquarius Bundle for Kathleen Lights, which was created with the express intent of honoring her 25th birthday.

Even going so far as to name the new ColourPop lippie set after the beauty blogger’s zodiac sign, the popular makeup brand launched a bundle of three identical light-pink Aquarius nude shades, one in a matte lip, one in a glossy lip, and one in a satin lip.

We have no doubt Kathleen feels honored to have a birthday bundle released in her honor.

Who wouldn’t be down with a makeup bundle named after them? Now we have new birthday goals.

The three shimmery counterparts of The Aquarius Bundle only costs $15 when purchased as the set through ColourPop Cosmetics.

You can also buy them separately for $6 each if you prefer just one of the lippies.

The pink nude shade is lovely because it can pair with so many different makeup looks and outfits.

A great for daily wear.

Happy Birthday Kathleen, we raise our champagne glasses to another year with you.

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