There’s a kickstarter for a “Hook” prequel about Rufio, and we are behind this 100%

Twenty-five years after the release of Hook, we’re still not satisfied. No Peter Pan re-telling has told the story quite the beautiful way Hook has, and we could re-watch our old VHS tapes of this masterpiece over and over again. But the universe has gifted us a beautiful thing today: The possibility of a Hook prequel, about our favorite character Rufio. Yes, you read that correctly.

The short film proposed, titled — what else? — Bangarang, would explore the early days of Lost Boys leader Rufio (real name Roofus), from how he secured his place as head honcho, to the origins of the word “bangarang,” and that beautifully colorful mohawk.

"This is an underdog, coming-of-age film in all the best ways," the Kickstarter description says. "It's the story of a under represented group of heroes — bullied because they're different, and nothing more (such as Roofus, who comes from a immigrant family) — who won't let their villains get in the way of destiny. We think there's a hunger for good storytelling and strong execution, as well as fun original characters. With Bangarang, we plan to do just that."

Is it just us, or do we smell a bit of an all-too-real narrative under that premise? Which means we are SO down.

Apparently, the film will explore Roofus as a 13-year-old, so not too far before the events of the movie take place and he stops aging as a lost boy. We’ll meet two new characters, Roofus’ friends Ella and Julani, who will help Roofus in finding his happy thought (sob). The team is currently holding casting calls for all three roles.

And said team includes Dante Basco, A.K.A. the original Rufio, as executive producer. LITERALLY WHERE IS THE DOWNSIDE?

The Kickstarter has tons of rewards for different donation levels. For $10, you’ll get “a special thanks as well as exclusive access to the behind the scenes content of the film.” At $25, you’ll get all of that plus a personal thank-you letter from the filmmakers. The perks go up and up until the $10,000 prize: An executive producer credit on the film and the opportunity to hang out on the set. Take our money!

Bangarang’s goal is $30,000, which they’re about 20 percent of the way to now. But guys: If they hit $200,000, they’ll make it into a full-length feature film.

So while anything Hook-related will obviously never be the same without our beloved Robin Williams, we can always help this project along and hopefully have the opportunity to participate in one more fake-but-real-but-fake food fight. And maybe Julia Roberts and Dustin Hoffman will find their way back into this sure-to-be-amazing film!