Things we didn’t know we needed: This hooded Ewok scarf

Gigglers, rejoice! The release of The Force Awakens is a MERE MONTH AWAY!

Obviously anticipation for the next Star Wars film is at an all-time high — those trailers, though! — and everyone is super excited. So it makes total sense that we all now need this practical, appropriately-themed hooded scarf that turns you into an Ewok.

Okay, so, it won’t make your face look like a shih tzu’s (even though they’re not actually the inspiration for Ewoks and that’s probably for the best), but it WILL cloak you in a soft orange hood AND GIVE YOU EARS. FURRY. EARS.

Leave it to trusty ThinkGeek (they always come through for us) to stock this majestic piece of knitwear. In fact, the Ewok scarf is a ThinkGeek exclusive, meaning you can’t get it anywhere else.

An officially licensed piece of Star Wars merchandise, the scarf measures 55″ so you can get nice and cozy this winter as you pretend to be the deadly, teddy bear-like creature we know you are deep down inside. At $24.99, the Ewok scarf is also a glorious, nerdy steal.

We’d recommend it as a perfect gift for the holidays, but let’s be honest, this gem will sell out before that. Plus we totally know you’re going to want to wear this when you see The Force Awakens, so you should probs just go ahead and order it now. Don’t forget to take an action shot and send it to ThinkGeek for a chance to win a $100 gift card (that’s four more Ewok scarves you can gift to friends or, you know, keep for yourself).

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[Images via Think Geek]

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