Honoring Cory: Top 10 Best Finn Hudson ‘Glee’ Moments

On July 13, 2013, Cory Monteith was found dead in his Vancouver hotel room. He was 31 – too young to die. In fact, any age is really too young to die because death leaves behind a path of misery and destruction that is irreversible. I remember watching Glee in high school and gossiping with my friends about the show’s crazy twists and hilarious one-liners. I remember when the pilot aired and within weeks, I had branded myself as a Gleek and had added a now embarrassing number of Glee songs to my iPod. Cory Monteith’s character, Finn Hudson, was always one of my favorites. His genuine, loyal, and hardworking nature was inspiring and made me love the actor that portrayed him, the actor that shared many of these same qualities. For this reason, I think it’s important to remember the character that Cory Monteith is best known for. These are the best Finn Hudson moments (IMO):

1) Finn sings “Don’t Stop Believin’” with the Glee Club

Singing the song that started it all, Monteith made his debut in Glee’s pilot episode as Finn Hudson, the high school quarterback that demonstrated the importance of pursuing your dreams, no matter how many people may judge you for it.


2) Finn performs “Just the Way You Are” for Kurt

When Finn first found out that Kurt Hummel’s father was marrying Finn’s mother, the football star broke down, denouncing Kurt’s “gayness” on more than one occasion. However, by the time the wedding came around, Hudson had abandoned his previous notions about Kurt’s sexual orientation and accepted him as his brother through this tear-jerking Bruno Mars tribute that gives me chills to this day.


3) Finn and Glee Club sing at Burt Hummel and Carol Hudson’s wedding

In another scene from “Furt,” the wedding episode, Finn and the Glee gang kick off the ceremony with another Bruno Mars song. I can’t decide which is cuter: Finn’s face when Rachel walks down the aisle or knowing that he would later propose to her the following season.


4) Finn proposes to Rachel

Speaking of, the scene where Finn proposes to his high school sweetheart is one of the best scenes of the series in general.


5) Finn gets caught singing in the shower

If anything, Finn Hudson reminded everyone that even football players sing shamelessly in the shower sometimes. Albeit, not everyone is as good as he is, but that’s besides the point.


6) The Glee boys get hyper, make mash-ups

One of the best parts about Glee is how tactfully it tackles major high school issues, including stress. In the Vitamin D episode, Finn and the rest of the Glee boys take performance-enhancing medicine from the school nurse to attempt to handle all of their high school responsibilities. Hilarity, and some awesome mashups, ensue.


7) Finn auditions for the Cheerios

Finn Hudson isn’t always the serious “leader” of the group. In one episode, the glee club member tries out for the Cheerios and it’s hard not to laugh at his silliness.


8) Finn cries in Will’s arms

Cory Monteith’s performance in this episode gave me all sorts of feelz, most of which came out in the form of tears. When Finn discovers Rachel has cheated on him, he returns to his high school to consult his teacher Will Schuester, and silently breaks down in his arms.


9) Finn breaks up with Rachel

Always trying to make the right decision, Finn Hudson instructs his fiancée Rachel to pursue her dreams rather than marry him. The end was bittersweet as Monteith’s character put his love aside in order to do the right thing, a situation that most of us encounter at some point in our life.


10) The football team dances to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”

As the football captain, Finn Hudson is forced to make tough decisions regarding plays. When he suggests the team dance to Single Ladies at Kurt’s request, Finn defies typical high school stereotypes and finally starts becoming who he was always meant to be: a leader.


I didn’t know Cory, but I honestly wish I did. He seemed like an incredible person and I hate moving on with my day knowing he’s not out there doing the same. He will always live on in our hearts, not just as Finn Hudson, but as Cory Monteith, a truly amazing human being. My prayers go out to his friends and family.

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