In honor of Nina Dobrev’s birthday, here are some of our fave Nina moments

Yesterday, our beloved Nina Dobrev turned 28! Oh, how time flies. It seems like just yesterday that Nina was celebrating her 27th with her emoji party, which, BTW, was just as epic as it sounds. In honor of Nina Dobrev’s birthday, we decided to revisit some of our absolute favorite Nina moments, because the funny girl and undeniably beautiful beauty icon is unlike any other celeb we’ve ever loved.

Following Nina Dobrev’s birthday, she posted the sweetest thank you message to her fans and friends on Instagram, complete with a killer throwback birthday pic.

She captioned the absolutely adorable photo,

"Thank you everyone so much for the Birthday wishes and sweet messages! I'm definitely feeling the ❤❤❤❤"

So what are some of our fave Nina moments?

One of our most recent unforgettable Nina moments was the time she flirted with wild animals. It’s actually the funniest, and cutest, thing.

How precious is she?!

Or when she celebrated stumbling upon some mistletoe by making out with herself.

Oh, Nina. We’re still LOLing.

But she’s not just good for a laugh. Following the 2016 GLSEN Awards, Nina Dobrev wrote the most amazing post on equal rights for ALL, and we were so, so proud of her.

After the awards show, Nina took to Instagram to share her further thoughts, writing,

“Support. Love. Unity. Acceptance. Respect. These are all things we should have for one another. No matter your race, religion, sexual orientation, or sexual preference. We are all human. We all need love. We ALL deserve love.

Like, heck yes!!!

And we’ll never forget the time she inspired us, too, to rock a silver body suit.

Because if not now, when?

Every time she made us cheer (and, okay, gasp with worry!) when she tried something new and adventurous.

Nina, please send some of your adventurous spirit our way.

And every time she offered us an amazing #TBT.

Is there anything this lady isn’t good at?!

That time she was an emoji, and absolutely killed it.

But what we love most about Nina is that she’s always unapologetically herself, adventures, silly faces, and all.

We hope you had the best birthday, Nina, and that your 28th year is even better than the last!

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