In honor of National Donut Day, here are 16 beauty products to help you celebrate your fave breakfast treat

If you thought Memorial Day was the sole holiday to celebrate this week, you are deeply mistaken. As a perfect TGIF holiday, Friday, June 2 is National Donut Day! This is that one day a year where you really hunker down and meditate on the glorious donut before you, the donuts of your past, and send up a prayer for the donuts of your future.

While we’re already on board for the novelty of snatching up free doughnuts on National Donut Day (if we make it to Dunkins on time), there is a whole world of donut-inspired beauty treats that we often pass over!

From donut-themed makeup to hair products, donuts have been making trending moves outside the confines of our stomachs, and we think the perfect way to honor National Donut Day is by peeking at some of the glorious (and unlikely) donut beauty products!

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So without further adieu, here are 16 delicious donut beauty products that are oh so sweet!

1Jelly Donuts Roll-on Perfume from Etsy, $9

2Donut Shop Lip Balm Set from Expressions, $6.86

3Glamour Dolls Bakery Donut Lip Balm from Glamour Dolls Makeup, $4

4Donut Lip Gloss from Dylan’s Candy Bar, $5

5Sprinkle Donut from Lip Smacker, $2.50

6Donut Lip Gloss Set from Forever 21, $10.90

7Jelly Donut Lip Scrub from So Sassy, $12.95

8Glazed Donut Lip Sugar Scrub from Etsy, $3.99


9Kim Chi Liquid Lip Color (Donut Scented) from Sugarpill Cosmetics, $18

10Donut Ultra Matte Lip from Colourpop Cosmetics, $6

11Doughnuts Round Top Makeup Bag from Dabney Lee, $9.99

12Indulgence Pastry Bath Bombs from Arianna Skincare, $12.99

13Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Jelly Donut from Too Faced, $21

14Coffee and Donuts Cosmetics Bag from Etsy, $16.05

15Cinnamon Donut Nail Polish from I Scream Nails, $16.95



16Strawberry Scented Frosted Donut Hair Pins from Etsy, $7


Bon appetit!