In honor of “Mean Girls” Day, here are our favorite moments that are still totally fetch

When we were in high school, a movie came out that summarized our lives so perfectly, we couldn’t even stand it. It nailed what it was like to be a teenage girl just trying to survive, and it gave us so many classic quotes along the way. That movie was Mean Girls, and today we celebrate that totally fetch film.

Why are we celebrating, you ask? Because what day is it?


Yeah, and October 3rd is officially Mean Girls Day, and we’d like to celebrate it with some of our top reasons why Mean Girls was such a perfect and hilarious movie.

When it totally nailed the snap judgments of the high school world.

Yeah, Gretchen has things a little off, but this was the kind of awkward misunderstanding that kids in our school would make all the time, which is what makes this movie SO relateable.

When it showed everyone how bad we sometimes wanted to be popular.

Seriously, if the cool girl paid enough attention to punch you, you were doing pretty well.

When it totally got the struggle of healthy eating.


Yeah, we didn’t understand nutrition when we were teenagers, and we’re so glad we know how healthy eating works now.

When it showed how uncool it is to bail on your friends.

Although it’s also pretty uncool to call your friends whores, even when it’s meant to be endearing.

When it got how hard heartbreak can be in high school.


When we look back on some of our high school love affairs, we can laugh, but at the time, they were really traumatizing.

When it captured how confusing it is to be a confident lady in high school.


Some days we really did feel beautiful, but we always got that weird look when we said something confident. We’re SO glad that we’re now comfortable enough to tell the world when we’re totally feeling ourselves.

When it gave us awesome new slang.

Honestly, “fetch” caught on way more in the real world than it did in the world of Mean Girls, and we’re okay with that.

When it got why outsiders couldn’t understand our high school.

“You just don’t understand” has become, “She doesn’t even go here,” and we still constantly use that phrase.

When it bravely stated the truth about “body spray.”


It was only like $4, and we thought it was cute to smell like a cucumber.

When it taught us to make the best of a bad situation.

Regina George knew how to make lemonade out of lemons, and we can use that confidence in every day life.

And last but probably most important, when it just TOTALLY understood the mean girls we knew in high school.

This was, of course, the famous deleted scene from the movie that we totally loved, and it really captures mean girls. They’re so terrible, but so enigmatic at the same time!

Happy Mean Girls Day, everyone! We hope you’re all totally drenching in awesome.


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