Hilariously honest teacher responses to common student questions

Being a teacher is one of the most essential and rewarding professions in the world — but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a frustrating job. Like all professions, academia comes with its own set of trials and tribulations; and trying to figure out your own life while contributing to the development of 100 others isn’t the easiest task.


Starring the incredible comediennes of The Katydids, TV Land’s new series Teachers gives a glimpse of what school would look like if teachers were a little more honest in their everyday — and it’s all kinds of hilarious. It can be easy to forget that superhero teachers aren’t always going to be perfect, and the show gives a glimpse of what teachers really talk about when they’re watching over us. We finally get to see the darker side of working at an elementary school — and it’s amazing.

Whether dealing with an extra rowdy class or trying to keep kids from running each other down on the playground, the show proves that teachers truly deserve all the praise in the world for their work. We can’t wait to tune in when it airs Wednesday nights at 10:30pm on TV Land. But because a huge part of being a teacher is practicing restraint, here are a few commonly asked questions in class — and how teachers would answer them if they were being honest.

1. Do we have homework? Yes. It’s on the blackboard underneath the word “homework,” in all caps and underlined twice.


2. When’s it due? I have no idea why I bother writing all of this on the board.


3. Can I play with this? That is not a toy, so definitely not.


4. I forgot we had a test today, could I take it next week? No, because that would be unfair, and life doesn’t work that way, and you might as well learn that now.


5. I don’t feel well. Can I go to the nurse? I’m obligated to say yes because I don’t want you to die on my watch; but kid, I think you might be a hypochondriac.


6. Can I eat this? No! Oh my God, how are you still alive?


7. Can I go to the bathroom? Your bladder is like clockwork. It’s actually impressive how you manage to ask this question at the exact same time every day. Go ahead.


Teachers airs Wednesday nights at 10:30pm on TV Land.