Here’s the ‘Frozen Fever’ honest trailer we didn’t know we needed

Frozen was a phenomenon unlike any other. Seriously, years after the movie came out it’s still everywhere. In addition to the fact that Frozen items are still on every human under the age of 10’s wish list, the Frozen sequel is already in the works. In addition to that, Disney recently decided to release the short animated film Frozen Fever. Sounds a like a lot, right? Well, Honest Trailers is here to help put that “But, why?” feeling into words.

The trailer calls out Disney for recycling tidbits and call-backs to Frozen while not actually introducing any new plot. Sure it may be harsh (it calls this little reboot a “glorified music video”) but it definitely made us LOL. And quietly admit to ourselves that maybe our Frozen obsession has gone a little bit overboard.

Honest Trailers, thank you for nailing Frozen Fever and the overall weirdness of it all just so perfectly!

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